I will always have immense gratitude

Before I came to see Dr Maria I had been to countless conventional doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and therapists. I was diagnosed with depression, generalised anxiety, social anxiety, ADD, bipolar disorder and mild psychosis. I have been on more antidepressants than I can remember, as well as anti-psychotics, anxiolytic drugs and sleeping pills. Needless to say, these drugs weren’t very effective in treating me. I had succumbed to addiction in various forms in my own efforts to self-medicate, and some of these prescription drugs only served to fuel my addiction. By the time I arrived at Dr Maria’s rooms I was a shadow of my former self. I had put on a lot of weight from a combination of unhealthy eating habits and the medications I was taking. I had very little personality and drive, and my lust for life was practically gone. I was however, desperate to change. Dr Maria immediately set about to implement change starting with my diet, and requested that I cut out gluten, caffeine and sugar. With her help I stopped taking all medications and along with the change in my diet I lost 12kg in a matter of weeks. This was only the beginning of my journey. Through my sessions with Dr Maria she helped me closely examine my life and face all the experiences that had brought me to where I was and realise where changes needed to be made. Dr Maria was there to guide me every step of the way, and responded in detail to every question and concern I had, many times via text messages late at night. The process was at times uncomfortable and difficult but I have yet to experience the kind of devotion and support from any other type of doctor or therapist as I received from Dr Maria. After only a few months with Dr Maria I was a different person. I could start to see the life I wanted for myself, forming right in front of my eyes. I discovered a renewed passion for living, along with inspiration to explore my talents in areas of personal interest. I am now physically active, exercising regularly, and loving every minute of it. I am following my dreams and determined to achieve success in my life. I am free of all medication and remain gluten, dairy and caffeine free. I have come to know who I am after a long period of darkness in my life. Most importantly I am free of addiction. In my initial consultation with Dr Maria she told me how others had experienced wonderful transformations after committing to placing themselves under her care and guidance. I was at first skeptical due to my previous experiences with conventional health care. I can now say with certainty that the transformation I have undergone is nothing short of miraculous. I will always have immense gratitude in my heart for the incredible work of service that Dr Maria provided in selfless dedication to making me whole again.

– Craig

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