Valuable Lessons

When I first met with Dr Maria in February 2015, I was at a complete loss as to why I had been feeling so desperately unhappy and unfulfilled for an extended period of time, despite “having it all” on the surface. My 12 month journey with Dr Maria started with gaining a thorough understanding of the various influences, past and present, that shaped me. The understanding process continued throughout and many valuable lessons were learnt – the connection between physical (diet, exercise) and mental health; the self-pity spiral; being grateful; the importance of structure in day to day life; developing self-worth; understanding others (beliefs and reflection) – all of which had a strong influence in changing my attitude and approach to life and myself. Throughout I felt a strong sense of comfort with Maria’s approach – honest and warm; insightful and pragmatic; understanding and encouraging. I felt a genuine sense of care, interest and support. Maria was very smart in the way she enabled me to answer my own tough questions. I looked forward to my weekly interaction with her which had just the right balance of seriousness and good humour. Maria is a very special individual – intelligent, pragmatic, warm and deeply caring – who had a profound and most beneficial impact on my life. Today I have a sense of purpose and a strong understanding of myself which has enabled me to regain happiness. I remain eternally grateful and feel privileged for having been afforded the opportunity to interact with Dr Maria and the valuable lessons learnt on my journey with her will be with me forever

– Mark

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