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BDS (Wits)
BSc HON – Paediatrics (Stellenbosch)
PDD – Paediatrics (Stellenbosch)
MSc – Paediatrics (Stellenbosch)
Heal Your Life Practitioner (Hays Institute, SA)
Touch for Health Practitioner (Institute of Kinesiology, Sweden)
First Line Therapy
Functional Medicine (Institute of Functional Medicine, USA)

What makes what I do unique? My life purpose and focus of my patient’s success lies in my passion to make a difference; my intuitive ability to truly hear my patients and my fully integrated mind, body, spirit scientific-based health approach to health and living.

My combined post-graduate specialty in children; training in Functional Medicine, training as a HAYS Practitioner (Heal Your Life, Heal Your Body) and Kinesiology, plus 19 years of being a parent, allow me to truly offer a holistic perspective on parenting and raising children. From understanding the role your emotions and diet play during pregnancy; through to your chosen birth choices; through to your everyday interaction with your baby, you will learn how to make wise decisions that will build your child’s immunity, maximize their brain development, shape their emotional and mental foundation and create a strong sense of self.

When the mind, body and spirit are truly aligned and in harmony, then the gates of the soul are opened, abundance flows in and the result can only be joy, peace and happiness – this is my mission, my passion and my divine destiny.

As a Paediatric Specialist with Functional Medicine training, I’ve had the great privilege of working with and learning from so many wonderful health professionals over the last few years. There are so many people who went into medicine for the right reasons who are struggling against a broken healthcare system. As the proud founder of h.u.m.a.n and co-founder of The South African Academy of Biological Practitioners, my vision is to amalgamate western medicine - with the latest integrated approach to healing and psychology - to ancient wisdom, all within a caring network of caring practitioners. This is our effort to join together and call for a new professionalism, to counter fear and rebuild trust. It is our hope that our patients will join us in building a better healthcare and educational system that believes in excellence both in treatment and care, one that prioritizes patient values and respects human dignity.

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