Sacred Parenting

If I knew then, what I know now...

An Amalgamation of 20 Years in Paediatric Practice; 19 years of being a Mom; and an unquenchable search to combine Science & Ancient Wisdom.

The journey of parenting can be the most transformative path we will ever walk, a magnificent series of events and experiences that allow us to relook at our truths, our beliefs and our goals. From the moment of conception, the universe offers us the opportunity to redefine our purpose, our sense of worth and find a life blessed with the most sensational experiences that enrich our existence and force us, if we choose, to live mindfully, consciously in the moment – making each day count and leaving a legacy of love and wisdom.

Parenting teaches us, if we are open to it, the most important lessons we will ever learn – that no other religious retreat or psychotherapy could ever do. Each moment in parenting, no matter how mundane or challenging, holds hidden surprises and opportunities for growth and transformation.

Sacred parenting is not an obsessive series of what we must teach our children, but rather a gentle reminder of what we can learn for and from our children. It provides the tools to empower you, as the parent, to understand yourself, your colossal role as a parent, but most of all, your child. In an ever-changing fast-paced world of declining social structures, decreasing values and increasing challenges, being a good parent and raising healthy responsible children requires us to be grounded in the deeper meaning of our role as a parent. Sacred parenting is about understanding the timeless nature of your soul’s pledge to your child, the lessons you need to teach them but also those you need to learn from them  – it is truly an intertwining of soul journeys.

Rather than always trying to follow ever-changing trends and do the right things as a parent, you are guided to be more successful in your mission, as you discover the right person to be. If you feel fulfilled, purposeful, aligned with your integrity, and at peace with your role as parent, your children will pick up on this energy, this state of harmonious being from within the womb, through to the perplexing teenage years - and through it find their own solid path.

The meals we prepare, the attitudes we adapt, the issues we hold onto – will all become the thoughts, beliefs and actions that are children will learn to mimic and apply to their lives. Guided and empowered with knowledge, we are able to remain calm, teaching our children trust and patience and so providing an immutable base for our children’s growth. Our kids mirror what is wrong or right in our lives, they reflect our strengths and our weaknesses – they offer us the opportunity to define and refine ourselves and our lives, to become more congruent with our desires and our journey towards self-worth.  Children need to know that our love for them is unconditional, nothing they say or do will “break us or our commitment to them”- when they know our strength, they will relax into it, their own confidence grows and they develop that kind of strength and self-assurance for themselves.

When I allowed my mind or emotions to control me instead of my deep inner soul, it was like standing on the shoreline, looking at the ocean I could see its vastness, I knew it’s depth, but I was connected only by the moistness at my feet. Every big wave that came in – every “bad” thing that happened – knocked me down. When I was able to have the courage to move out to the place where my feet no longer touched bottom, where I just floated on the water, each wave moved me up and down gently as I continued to float, and gently move out to the greater peace of being one with the flow of the ocean.
Vimala McClure

Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and sacred parenting – a beautiful soul contract from conception to adulthood.

We consider the complex web of interactions from our own childhood, our social and cultural beliefs, to our experiences, which shape our views and attitudes towards parenting.  For decades psycologists and psychiatrists have emphasised that cognition doesn’t take place in a vacuum but rather that the mind is where we harbour anxieties, affections, fears and anxieties as well as facts and figures. Similarly metaphysical practitioners have time and time again shown the power of thoughts, beliefs and attitude in the manifestation of disease in our bodies and events in our lives. Sacred parenting teaches parents and through them their children, and our magnificent teenagers, the scientific research which puts power back into your and their hands.

We grow mentally, socially and morally as a consequence of learning: how to be with others, how to behave in this world, a learning prompted by taking to heart what we have seen and heard and been told and developed as habits. Our learnt beliefs about ourselves, our health, our intelligence, our abilities, are all shaped by what we have been taught consciously and subconsciously. Our children are ever-attentive students in the assumptions, coping skills, dietary habits, self-limiting, self-boosting beliefs they will have for life, based on what they witness at home and at school.

We review physiology, lifestyle choices & sabotaging behaviours that impact our style of parenting, together we abandon learnt depressive states, discard limiting beliefs and discover a deep sense of joy and purpose within ourselves and within the responsibility of being a parent. You will learn for yourself and for your children how to harness the power of the mind and mindfulness, explore the role of thought and incorporate gratitude and reverence to achieve this. Together we design the blue prints of the health and life you yearn for yourself and your children. Understanding the scientific functional medicine protocols you will learn about the vital role of the gut and nutrition on brain development, and I.Q. , immune system development and overall mental, emotional and physical health. These are the greatest gifts we can give our children, a gift of honourable human existence. It is through our memorable journeys with our children that we leave a lasting legacy.

Dr Maria offers the following therapies

Heal Your Life


Your health is a mirror of the relationship between yourself and your body. 



Human beings are self-regulating and programmed to heal themselves.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Integrative medicine is a science-based, comprehensive, holistic approach to health.

Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric Dentistry

Dr Maria is the only practicing specialized Paediatric dentist in the Western Cape.

My Journey

What makes what I do unique? My life purpose and focus of my patient’s success lies in my passion to make a difference; my intuitive ability to truly hear my patients and my fully integrated mind, body, spirit scientific-based health approach to health and living.

When the mind, body and spirit are truly aligned and in harmony, then the gates of the soul are opened, abundance flows in and the result can only be joy, peace and happiness – this is my mission, my passion and my divine destiny.

The spiritual contract between you and the soul you are bringing into this world before each child is born.
Power struggles and clear boundaries
*Choosing organic...
The fine line between childhood and adulthood
*Giving your teenager wings to fly but also roots to feel safe...
A process of self-discovery
*The delights and frustrations of being a teenager
In this fast paced world, how can we nurture children who are both healthy and happy? How do we help them...


I'm a firm believer that the universe gives you what you need and not what you want. It was during a stage of need that I started attending sessions with Maria. My life was at a cross roads and I was in a place of searching. Maria guided me through this time with her nurturing and when required forceful guidance. At every part of my journey I felt I was in safe hands and in a space where I could share without criticism or judgment. I was given the tools to re structure my life and answer those deep meaningful questions that were required in my healing process. I can strongly recommend Maria to anybody who needs to find answers and guidance in this changing world...


I met Dr Maria 10 years ago when my oldest son’s first tooth appeared. What immediately struck me about her was her empathy and sensitivity to each of us – as individuals. Since then we have been on an incredible journey together as a family being her patients, and as myself seeing her on a one-on-one basis for “Heal Your Life” and Kinesiology sessions. Maria has been an angel in our lives… She has walked with all of us, but especially with myself, hand in hand, guiding the way. Helping me to find my own truth. I can highly recommend her for all the roles she has taken on in this life: Paediatric Specialist, Heal Your Life Coach, Functional Medicine and Nutrition Coach, Touch for Health Practitioner, friend…Thank you for being in our lives Maria!


 I started seeing Dr Maria regarding a traumatic breakup I had been through with my partner. I found our time together incredibly helpful in rebuilding my self-worth, my being and my path moving forward. Since then we have advanced to building me a new path of self-discovery, working through past negative life experiences, and life goals. We are constructing my ideal "Blue-print “- something I could use as a plan for my life. The meaning of my existence is something very important to me, Dr Maria is helping me to find meaning and purpose, in doing so, we are able to improve my quality of life - A priceless asset


Before I came to see Dr Maria I had been to countless conventional doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and therapists. I was diagnosed with depression, generalised anxiety, social anxiety, ADD, bipolar disorder and mild psychosis. I have been on more antidepressants than I can remember, as well as anti-psychotics, anxiolytic drugs and sleeping pills. Needless to say, these drugs weren’t very effective in treating me. I had succumbed to addiction in various forms in my own efforts to self-medicate, and some of these prescription drugs only served to fuel my addiction...


Found this amazing practitioner: Dr Maria that was referred to me by Dr. Adri v.d. Walt, who had met her but not familiar with her work. Maria works with kids, but more specifically challenged children and she is trained in how to handle and work with them understanding their psychology and behaviour. I took Kyle to see her, a little nervous as he is normally very anxious and un-cooperative in new surroundings. Kyle left with a huge smile and a toy as a gift and her gloves which she filled with air and drew a face on. Kyle is now looking forward to going back! I was amazed at how well she handled him and would recommend her for anyone with special needs children. No other practitioner would have this amount of patience and calmness...

Munibah Mohamed
(School Principal)

On behalf of the children, parents and staff at Explore and Discover Montessori Preschool we would like to thank you for coming to visit our school this morning. We have learned so many new things today thank you for the gifts you have given us and we will definitely implement the DUMMY TREE for the fairies at night. It is always such a pleasure to have you at our school… so much love and passion towards our children, thank you so much for that! Looking forward to seeing you next year! Thanking you so very much and keep well. Fondest Regards

Mother & Daughter

I was truly wowed by Dr Maria and her staff, the personalization they gave my daughter was fantastic. As a Mom of a 3 year old daughter, at our first appointment they made sure that their primary goal was to make sure that my daughter Amaani had a great experience. Dr. Maria did a fantastic job explaining to me and my daughter what she was doing, during the examination she blew up a surgical glove to show Amaani what the instrument she was about to use does etc. she did that with all her instruments. Loved that! What really put a smile on my face, was when my daughter said to me as we were driving home “mommy, I like dr Maria, she is so nice”.


My name is Nicky and I am a mother of four children and i live in Cape Town. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic disease for which I received two cycles of chemo. I desperately needed assistance in dealing with the shock of it and to learn how to continue with my life as I felt like I was running around without direction and sinking into a deep pit of fear and depression. Fortunately for me I was introduced to Dr Maria Theologides who happens to be trained in Functional Medicine as well as a HYL (Heal Your Life) therapist in Camps Bay. Soon after I started seeing her I learnt to trust her with all my fears...


The experience of being diagnosed with cancer followed with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy left me emotionally and physically exhausted. Dr Maria extended a lifeline to me to put the pieces of my life back together. She has helped me focus on the most important things with practical tools to overcome my issues. What I found exceptionally profound was exploring my emotional landscape of fear, anger and sadness with Dr Maria as my safety net. Her nurturing and humorous approach has encouraged me to find peace in the moment and make my healing and health a priority.


Paeds Specialist dr Maria is the BEST doc in the whole world. (Seriously!) She is so kind and sweet towards them and always relaxes them when we come for our check-ups. She has squeezed us in for an emergency appointment in the past when it was her day off! She also always gives the boys a fun gift after the appointment. Best dentist EVER!


Thanks to Dr Maria Theologides and her team (Marli and Despo) little Jaxon (11 weeks old), who was born with his two lower incisors, which made feeding both painful for him and me, can now feed peacefully and with no more discomfort. They found a way to protect his tongue from the 2 little bottom teeth scraping against it by creating a special gum guard for him. All this, along with so much love and attention. Thank You so much


When I first met with Dr Maria in February 2015, I was at a complete loss as to why I had been feeling so desperately unhappy and unfulfilled for an extended period of time, despite “having it all” on the surface. My 12 month journey with Dr Maria started with gaining a thorough understanding of the various influences, past and present, that shaped me. The understanding process continued throughout and many valuable lessons were learnt...

The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck
are the arms of your children

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