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I will always have immense gratitude

Before I came to see Dr Maria I had been to countless conventional doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and therapists. I was diagnosed with depression, generalised anxiety, social anxiety, ADD, bipolar disorder and mild psychosis. I have been on more antidepressants than I can remember, as well as anti-psychotics, anxiolytic drugs and sleeping pills. Needless to… Read more “I will always have immense gratitude”


It is always such a pleasure to have you

On behalf of the children, parents and staff at Explore and Discover Montessori Preschool we would like to thank you for coming to visit our school this morning. We have learned so many new things today thank you for the gifts you have given us and we will definitely implement the DUMMY TREE for the… Read more “It is always such a pleasure to have you”

Explore and Discover Montessori Preschool

Rebuilding My Self-Worth

I started seeing Dr Maria regarding a traumatic breakup I had been through with my partner. I found our time together incredibly helpful in rebuilding my self-worth, my being and my path moving forward. Since then we have advanced to building me a new path of self-discovery, working through past negative life experiences, and life… Read more “Rebuilding My Self-Worth”


Valuable Lessons

When I first met with Dr Maria in February 2015, I was at a complete loss as to why I had been feeling so desperately unhappy and unfulfilled for an extended period of time, despite “having it all” on the surface. My 12 month journey with Dr Maria started with gaining a thorough understanding of… Read more “Valuable Lessons”


Kind and Sweet

Paeds Specialist dr Maria is the BEST doc in the whole world. (Seriously!) She is so kind and sweet towards them and always relaxes them when we come for our check-ups. She has squeezed us in for an emergency appointment in the past when it was her day off! She also always gives the boys… Read more “Kind and Sweet”


Had A Great Experience

I was truly wowed by Dr Maria and her staff, the personalization they gave my daughter was fantastic. As a Mom of a 3 year old daughter, at our first appointment they made sure that their primary goal was to make sure that my daughter Amaani had a great experience. Dr. Maria did a fantastic… Read more “Had A Great Experience”

Mom & Daughter

I was amazed at how well she handled him

Found this amazing practitioner: Dr Maria that was referred to me by Dr. Adri v.d. Walt, who had met her but not familiar with her work. Maria works with kids, but more specifically challenged children and she is trained in how to handle and work with them understanding their psychology and behaviour. I took Kyle… Read more “I was amazed at how well she handled him”


I felt I was in safe hands

I’m a firm believer that the universe gives you what you need and not what you want. It was during a stage of need that I started attending sessions with Maria. My life was at a cross roads and I was in a place of searching. Maria guided me through this time with her nurturing… Read more “I felt I was in safe hands”


So much love and attention

Thanks to Dr Maria Theologides and her team (Marli and Despo) little Jaxon (11 weeks old), who was born with his two lower incisors, which made feeding both painful for him and me, can now feed peacefully and with no more discomfort. They found a way to protect his tongue from the 2 little bottom… Read more “So much love and attention”


Have Faith In Life

My name is Nicky and I am a mother of four children and i live in Cape Town. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic disease for which I received two cycles of chemo. I desperately needed assistance in dealing with the shock of it and to learn how to continue with… Read more “Have Faith In Life”


Her nurturing and humorous approach has encouraged me

The experience of being diagnosed with cancer followed with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy left me emotionally and physically exhausted. Dr Maria extended a lifeline to me to put the pieces of my life back together. She has helped me focus on the most important things with practical tools to overcome my issues. What… Read more “Her nurturing and humorous approach has encouraged me”


Empathy and Sensitivity

I met Dr Maria 10 years ago when my oldest son’s first tooth appeared. What immediately struck me about her was her empathy and sensitivity to each of us – as individuals. Since then we have been on an incredible journey together as a family being her patients, and as myself seeing her on a… Read more “Empathy and Sensitivity”


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